Draw Organizer

Task 1: Draw Organizer

Task 2: Sommelier

Task 3: License Coordinator

Task 4: Ticket Coordinator

Task 5: Data Entry Coordinator

Task 6: Drum Major

Task 7: On Site Ticket Recorder

Task 8: Advertising and Promotion Coordinator

Task 9: Draw Recorder Coordinator

Task 10: On-Air Personalities

Task 11: Technical Coordinator

Task 12: Wine Storage and Delivery Coordinator

Task One: Draw Organizer

  • Obtain the approval of the Wiarton Rotary Club (WRC) to hold the next Draw.
  • Have the WRC decide if we will seek a partner and if so, who that partner will be.
  • Assign someone to meet with partner to explain how the draw works, the commitment, how to sell books of tickets, etc…
  • Book the Century 21 Community Space for the required evenings.
  • Determine who will be performing each of the above tasks for this draw.
  • Authorize the Sommelier to purchase the wine.
  • Update rules for the Draw and forward to License Coordinator to include with application and “Advertising and Promotion Coordinator” for publishing on the WRC website
  • Update the design of the ticket to be included with the license application.
  • Give copy of the updated ticket to License Coordinator
  • When License Coordinator provides license number, add the number to ticket.
  • Forward completed ticket to Ken Jones who will prepare the ticket.
  • Approve the ticket design and authorize Ken To order the tickets
  • When tickets are delivered, arrange for delivery to the Ticket Coordinator.
  • Prepare a cheque request to reimburse Ken Jones for the printing of the tickets.
  • Receive revised logos for use in social media from Ken Jones.
  • Forward revised logos to Advertising and Promotion Coordinator


Rules for the Draw

Ticket Design