Friends of Rotary Program (January 2021)

The Friends of Rotary Program recognizes the important role non-member volunteers and other community supporters play in the success of our events each year, while not being in a position to fully commit to a full membership in the Wiarton Rotary Club. 

While not a substitute for full membership, Friends of Rotary can still participate and contribute to the service and fund raising projects and activities of the Club, and begin experiencing the enjoyment that comes from the fellowship of other members who share the ideals of Rotary. 

Friends of Rotary members are formally introduced to the Club's membership and provided with an appropriate Friend of Rotary Name Tag. They are welcome to attend Rotary Club of Wiarton meetings during the year, to enjoy an evening of dinner, experience the business activities and fellowship Rotary provides, and hear presentations by invited speakers. (Friends of Rotary are responsible for their own meal costs; the same as full members).

Friends of Rotary members are covered by Rotary insurance while officially participating in any Club service project or activity. Members also receive electronic copies of the Club's Weekly Bulletin.    

While not entitled to vote on any Rotary matters, or hold any position as a Club Director, Friends of Rotary members are welcome to join Committee's, and encouraged to learn more about Rotary. It is our wish a Friend of Rotary will consider applying for full membership in the future, if and when the opportunity presents itself. (Friends of Rotary are required to pay a fee of $50 per year to cover administrative costs, and this fee will be prorated toward a full membership fee if you become a full member during the same time period). Anyone wishing to become a Friend of Rotary is encouraged to contact a Member of the Wiarton Rotary Club and tell them you are interested in joining. A Nomination Form will be provided and upon completion be referred on to the Chair of the Membership Committee for further processing. Approved applicants will be assigned a full Rotary member to initially introduce them to Club members, and continue to be available as a mentor and source of information accordingly.