Wine Survivor 1

Note: This is an elimination draw. Tickets will be drawn until only one Tribe is left in the competition and declared the winner.

Each Tribe consists of 5 Castaways.

Each Castaway purchases at least one $30 entry ticket to become a member of a tribe.

Each Castaway must be at least 19 years of age and resident of Ontario when the ticket is purchased.

If a Castaway is not part of a Tribe, they will be assigned to a tribe by The Rotary Club of Wiarton.

In total 100 bottles of wine will be awarded. Each bottle will have a minimum retail value of $14.95  All wine will be purchased at LCBO or a licenced manufacturer.

An individual Castaway can purchase more than one entry ticket and can be part of more than one tribe. 

Organizers will ensure that the total number of entries is divisible evenly by 5. 

The President, Treasurer and Director of Fundraising of the Rotary Club of Wiarton as well as members of the Wine Survivor Organizing Committee and those persons assisting in the conduct and management of the lottery event are not eligible to enter as a Castaway. 

The tickets will be drawn over five consecutive evenings.

Round 1 – Dec 7 - 25% entries eliminated
Round 2 - Dec 8 - 20% entries eliminated
Round 3 - Dec 9 – 20 % entries eliminated
Round 4 - Dec 10 - 20% entries eliminated
Round 5 - Dec 11 - 15% entries eliminated and winning Tribe declared.

Tribe Winnings

1st: Only Tribe not eliminated 50 bottles of wine, to be distributed equally to each Tribe member

2nd: Last Tribe to be eliminated        30 bottles of wine, to be distributed equally to each Tribe member

3rd: Second last tribe to be eliminated      15 bottles of wine, to be distributed equally to each Tribe member

4th: Third last tribe eliminated                      5 bottles of wine, to be distributed equally to each Tribe member

- Rules -

  1. You must be at least 19 years of age to enter the contest. Tickets must be purchased in Ontario.
  2. Each Castaway purchases at least one $30 entry ticket.
  3. Beginning October 1, 2020 a maximum of 200 tickets will be sold until 10:00AM EST, Tuesday Dec 1, 2020 (entry period) on a first come/first served basis.
  4. All prizes will be awarded.
  5. Each elimination draw will be held at 658 Berford Street, Wiarton, Ontario and will be broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook Live starting at 8:00 Pm each evening. Links will be provided to all Castaways using the email address provided at registration.
  6. As names are drawn, that person is expelled, but may still be on a winning Tribe. A Tribe is eliminated when all of the tribe members have been expelled. 
  7. Each Castaway must provide their full name, mailing address, phone number and email on the entry ticket. You will also be asked to provide a Tribe Name if you are part of a group of 5
  8. Tickets may be purchased from any member of the Rotary Club of Wiarton or by calling Richard Bouillon  at 226-910-1363
  9. The Rotary Club of Wiarton will post eliminated and winning Castaway names on our Facebook page and our website.
  10. Entrants agree to having their name and photo published on the Rotary Club of Wiarton website and Facebook page.
  11. The winning Castaways will be notified by email provided at registration
  12. Arrangements will be made with the winning tribes to pick up their winnings.  We will arrange for a mutually convenient pickup location pickup within 100km of Wiarton, ON.

Registration Info

Tribe Name:






Waiver will read that they are at least 19 years old at the time of purchasing the ticket and a resident of Ontario.