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Environment - the 7th Area of Focus... See a 120 minute documentary film "Living in our Future's Past"
The Rotary Foundation Fights Disease... video
Why Consider An Estate Gift To The Rotary Foundation... video
Donate to the Foundation via ROTARY DIRECT giving program. Learn more...
Donate ONLINE here, or by PHONE at the Rotary Support Center 1-866-976-8279
Donate by CHEQUE. Mail cheque, along with The Printable Rotary Foundation Contribution Form (123-EN), available here, to:

The Rotary Foundation (Canada), c/o 911600

PO Box 4090 Station A, Toronto, ON. M5W 0E9

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Shelter Box Canada (Partnership)

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Partnership in Action: The Turkiye Earthquakes

Wiarton Impact Report, 2023

Wiarton Gold Hero Award, 2023

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