Food Menu

Rotary Village Fair 2019

Food Booth:

  • Hamburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Rotary “Double Dog”
  • Rotary “Tripe B” (Back Bacon-on–a-Bun)
  • Sausage-on-a-Bun
  • Condiments include Fried Onions, Raw Onions & Tomatoes along with the usual Ketchup, Mustard & Green Relish.
  • French Fries (sizes Large & Small)
  • Rotary "Bluewater Poutine"
  • Ice Cream Cups (vanilla, chocolate & strawberry)
  • Beverages - Pepsi Cola, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, Orange Crush, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Ice Tea, Lemon-Lime Sparkling Water, Bottled Water, Fruit Punch, Apple Juice

Spuds ‘n Corn Booth:

  • Steamed Corn-on-the-Cob (buttered & seasoned to your taste)
  • Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob (caramelized to perfection)
  • Steamed Mini New Potatoes (with a selection of Gourmet Toppings - butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and chives)

Granny’s Pie Booth:

  • Pies, Pies, Pies; a variety of flavours to choose from!
  • Add a scoop of ice cream!

Maple Booth:

  • Ice Cream Waffle Dog
  • Waffle on a stick
  • Maple Cotton Candy